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With your SIM in hand, select your plan and schedule your personal activation date.


Install your SIM

On arrival at your destination, install your SIM to use the service immediately.

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Order your SIM card online and receive it by mail with instructions for activation, making calls and sending SMS.


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The data you need wherever you go.

Voice, text and generous data prepaid plans for your smartphone while traveling in over 100 countries.

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January 11, 2018

5 valuable tips for using an international SIM card

We've assembled our top 5 tips for using an international SIM when traveling outside your home country. If you have any questions just contact us at


November 20, 2017

Will my iPhone work in the United States?

Many operators are getting ready for the next generation of high-speed data known as 5G. In preparation, some operators have begun to discontinue support for their 3G networks. So it's really important that you make sure your iPhone supports the 4G/LTE bands used by the two GSM operators in the U.S.