Don't fall for these common prepaid scams!

From the Travel Mobile Blog | June 07, 2021
In the 8 years Travel Mobile has been in the business we have seen our competitors try a variety of approaches. Some are honest brokers, and others not so much. Below are two important features of U.S. operator prepaid plans to keep in mind.

All Prepaid Plans are 30 days in the United States

The latest scam we are seeing is from a competitor who makes it easy to buy a SIM for a fixed number of days, say 5, and then increases the charge for each additional day of service. This simply doesn't exist in the United States. You can't buy an 11-day prepaid plan.

All the major carriers offer 30 day prepaid plans, and that includes AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Metro PCS, Cricket, Lyca, Red Pocket, Virgin and many more. Every operator offers various plans, and those plans typically vary by how much high speed data you get before your service is throttled to a lower speed, usually 2G or about 256 kbps. But no matter the data package size, the service and plan are valid for 30 days. That includes calling, texting and data use.

Here at Travel Mobile, we use the number of days of travel as a guide to determine the right data package size. We typically advise our customers that for trips of 2 weeks they should go with a 6 GB package in the U.S. It allows for the use of apps like Waze or Google Maps as well as access to social media. Even so, should they stay longer their plan is valid for 30 days.

There is NO additional charge to enable your phone's personal hotspot

Another scam we are seeing is charging for the option to enable 5 GB of hotspot use. The operators either allow, or do not allow, the use of your phone's personal hotspot with their SIM. There is no additional charge to enable the personal hotspot. If the operator allows it, then you can use it without paying a fee to do so.

Don't be fooled!

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