Functions in 48 European destinations

Rechargeable SIM

  • Includes pre-loaded plan and credit is valid for 14 days after first use
  • Use of the SIM for more than 30 days requires customer registration with the operator

We don't offer any plans for this operator in United States.

SIM validity

  • functions in 48 European destinations
  • plan is valid for 14 days from first use and comes with a +33 number from France
  • SIM usage beyond the initial plan requires customer registration with Orange and then the SIM expires after 6 months without use or recharging
  • Data only plan valid for 30 days from first use and cannot be recharged
  • your phone must be SIM unlocked

ORANGE plans provide

  • package of data at LTE/4G/3G speeds
  • some plans include minutes of voice and SMS
  • data only plans cannot be recharged

3 GB Plan Promotion - Limited Time Only

  • Purchase the 3 GB plan and receive 5 GB of bonus for 8 GB in total
  • The SIM has to be activated with the first use in Europe occurring before July 9, 2020

Travel Mobile provides

  • Delivery of your SIM(s) to your address of choice by registered or express mail
  • Instructions for use and support throughout the process in your native language
  • Helpful tips and hints delivered by email

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  • In Europe, Orange has excellent coverage in 48 destinations with true 4G / LTE connection speeds.

  • Check Orange coverage

How to check the balance

  • You can check the balance by dialing #123# and you'll receive a SMS with the data package, SMS and voice minutes balance
  • You can click 1 = Next to view credit and SIM validity

How to activate and use

  • The Orange SIM should only be installed in the phone in Europe
  • Once in Europe, simply insert the chip into your device
  • When installing the SIM be sure to leave Data Roaming enabled
  • If your phone is a model that uses two SIMs, leave the Orange SIM installed in slot 1
  • You can find your phone number by dialing 225 and you will receive a text message with your number
  • Calls and text messages are automatically activated when you first connect to the network in Europe
  • You can use your phone as a hotspot and share your internet


  • Your device must be unlocked
  • Data roaming must be enabled to allow the chip to connect to the local network throughout Europe

I need to know my Orange phone number before arriving in Europe. How can I get this information?

It's simple, just follow the steps below:

  • Go to and click login at the top menu of the site
  • Login using your email address and password
  • Locate the Activate a SIM card section (don't worry, it won't be activated)
  • Enter the Orange SIM serial number and click Add
  • The My SIMs column will show you the SIM you just added and the phone number you'll be assigned when you are in Europe

NOTE: Do not install the SIM in your phone UNTIL you are in Europe

Chip and Plan Validity

  • Credit is valid for 14 days after first use (first call, first SMS, first internet connection)
  • For use beyond 14 days top-ups can be performed directly with the operator
  • Data only SIMs are valid for 30 days after first use (first internet connection) and cannot be topped up
  • The SIM is valid for 30 days without registration
  • To use the SIM for more than 30 days , you must register online
  • Once the chip is registered, you can continue using the chip for the next 6 months
  • Your number starts with +33 which is the country code of France. If you want to register your chip you will need to change the 33 to 0 (your number will start with 06 or 07 and has 10 digits)

How to recharge

Refills should be done on the Orange website when you are already in Europe, and only after first use of the SIM. Just follow the steps below.

  • Visit
  • From the top menu choose the option Orange Holiday SIM Card
  • Click Topup your Holiday SIM
  • A new window will open asking for your Orange SIM phone number
  • Enter the phone number and click Topup this number
  • Read the recharge options carefully, some recharges allow you to accumulate the unused data package balance
  • Choose the recharge amount then click Continue
  • Create an account on the Orange website and in the field where you must enter the country of your phone number, choose France
  • Click Register
  • Then make the payment

Making a call

Depending on the plan you have purchased, you may have an amount of minutes available to make local and international calls. Check the plan to find out how many minutes are available for local and international calls.

  • To make a call, dial + or 00 followed by the country code and phone number you wish to call
  • You must dial the country code even if you are making a local or national call, and drop the leading zero if the number you are calling has a

Receiving a Call

  • Your family and friends can call you at any time.
  • They can call your French number by calling your international number
  • Be sure to add + 33 to your SIM phone number and remove the initial0
  • For example, if the SIM number is 06 53 56 96 00, the number to dial to reach you is +33 6 53 56 96 00.
  • Receiving a call is free in France, but is deducted from the initial credit in any other European country.

How can I contact Customer Service?

  • From France: Dial 700 from a cell phone or3970 from a landline
  • From Europe: dial +33 6 07 62 64

ORANGE has excellent coverage in over 30 countries and 48 destinations with LTE data speeds in most countries.

  • Service is restricted to the countries listed below.


Aland Islands, Andorra, Austria, Azores, Balearic islands, Belgium, Canary Islands, Corfu, Crete, Croatia, the Cyclades, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe islands, Finland, France (mainland), Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Isle of Man, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Rhodes, Romania, San Marino, Sardinia, Sicily, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vatican City